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Joelle King

Kia Ora my name is Joelle King.  I’m from Cambridge, New Zealand and I'm a professional squash player.

After a number of years of hard work and some recent successful tournaments, my highest world ranking was number 3 and I am currently New Zealand number 1.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support! It's really appreciated.

I grew up surrounded by a large extended family including 2 older brothers who always made sure I had a good grasp (sometimes literally!) of sibling rivalry.  From card games to backyard sport – everything was a competition to be the best!

Nothing has changed, well besides that I can now annihilate my bros on the squash court.  My competitive instincts and determination to be the world’s best squash player remains. Since 2010 I have been the Number 1 Women's player in New Zealand,  the New Zealand women's champion and a definite highlight was winning 2 Gold medals in Birmingham in 2022, two medals (gold and silver) at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India and a Bronze Medal in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and 3 Medals in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018. Enjoy my website and please leave me a message, I am also on facebook and love hearing from everyone!           


Achievements to date

Singapore Open Champion
NZ Open Champion
Manchester Open Champion
Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Mixed Doubles
Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Women's Doubles

Manchester Open Champion

Hong Kong Open Champion
Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Singles
Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Women's Doubles
Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal Mixed Doubles

Macau Open Champion

September - Quarter Finalist Macau Open
August - Australian Open Winner.
August - NZ National Champ, Womans
August - NZ National Champ Teams (Waikato)

October - Waipa Sport's Women of the Year.
July - Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal winner, Ladies Singles.
World Number 4 - Highest career ranking.

March  - KL Open Squash Championships, semi finalist

November - WISPA World Number 5 
Finalist - Finance City China Squash Open
Winner - Macau Open
Semi-Finalist - Delaware Investments U.S Open
Quarter-Finalist - Carol Weymuller Open
Finalist - Matamata Open
Finalist - Glo Greenwich Open, Connecticut, USA

October  - WISPA World Number 10
July - New Zealand National Champion

Dec - Waikato Sportswoman of the year
Dec - Maori Sports Woman of the year
Nov  - Waipa Sports Woman of the year.
Oct  - Commonwealth Games gold and silver medalist (Doubles and Mixed doubles)
Aug  -  New Zealand National Championships - Open Women's Division winner
April  - Won the Texas Open

Aug -   Won the Australian Open
June -  Won the victorian Open
June -  Won the NSW Open

June - Won my first WISPA title (North Island Championships)

Aug - 3rd place in both World & British Junior Championships

Youngest woman to be named in New Zealand Senior Women's team (aged 17)

Number 1 ranked New Zealand Junior (aged 16)

A bit of Q&A with Joey!


Full Name:  Joelle King                                                
D O B:  30 September 1988                                                
Hapu & Iwi:  Ngati Porou
Hometown:  Cambridge, New Zealand 


Food: Turkish
Drink: Lime & Soda
Movies & T.V: Just started watching Glee
Music: Old school
Sportsperson or team: Roger Federer

When did you start playing squash and what are some of my earliest memories?
I started playing squash when I was 10.  My earliest memory of squash was playing in my first tournament, which was the New Zealand Nationals, and the best feeling was winning!  I've always been into sport and also played netball, touch, tennis, squash -pretty much anything you could think of, I played.

What is one skill or talent that you have that no one knows about? 
I don’t know if it is really a talent but I’m pretty good with numbers.  My memory with numbers and mathematics is probably one of my biggest talents that no one knows about.

When did you decide you wanted to play squash full time and why? 
When I was 17 I placed third at the World Junior Open, and that pretty much made my decision that I could have a chance to make this my job.  That was the deciding factor between me becoming a fulltime squash player or doing something else with my life.

What do you enjoy most about squash?  
For me, whether it is rain or shine, I know that I am going to be playing my sport.  Physically it’s pretty demanding so there is a lot of different attributes you need to be a good squash player, and I think that’s what drives me everyday.

And any dislikes?  
Probably one of the biggest dislikes is the fact that squash is so hard, not only physically but mentally.  It’s great while you’re winning but you have flat patches as well, and those are pretty hard to come through. So that’s probably one of the biggest dislikes.

What is your career highlight to date?  
Winning the Texas Open, and becoming National Champion for 2010. That has been a goal since I started playing squash, so that is a career highlight.

What is your ultimate aim?  
My ultimate aim is to become Number 1 in the World.

How often do you train? 
Just depending on what part of the season I’m in. Obviously off season a bit longer, but usually between 3-5 hours a day, most days. That’s 2 sessions, 3-5 hours a day.

Do you have a special diet or take any supplements?  
Generally I eat pretty healthily and quite a lot of food, just to help me with my training. Also I take about 6-8 vitamin tablets a day, to help me with my immune system and to keep my body well overall.What do you think of the women’s competition & does it get good national/international coverage? I think the standard of women’s competition, both nationally and internationally, is very strong. Unfortunately though we don’t get quite the coverage that I think it deserves. Not only women’s squash, but men’s squash as well. It’s not really that recognised around the world. I think that could definitely improve.

If you could change one thing about squash what would it be? 
For me, it would be viewing.  If I could get a stadium which I could fit 10,000 in to watch a game of squash clearly, that is definitely the thing I would change.

Who is the hardest to play?  
I would have to say Nicole David, current Number 1.  I played her earlier this year, and I mean, she’s not Number 1 for no reason.  She’s a very very tough competitor and I definitely found her the hardest person to play to date.

What do you miss the most while you are away from NZ?   
My family and the nice relaxed feel of New Zealand.(No traffic jams)   


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